Hiring Online English tutors

Offering good compensation
(Min US$16~MaxUS$30/ an hour)

Important Point

1. Even with no experienced, if you are English native speaker, you can earn amazing compensation

2. There is no need to clear your schedule ahead of time for classes
Our system supports that tutors can choose the classes by themselves when they prefer to and available time

3. Additional wage incentives(+$1~$5)
- hold English teaching qualification such as TESOL, TEFLE, TESL
- nomination fee from student

We are looking for online English tutors to teach students and adults, mainly in Korea and Japan.
You will be creating interactive lesson plans and teaching students from different backgrounds.

If you are a native English speaker, you are more than qualified!
Don’t miss this opportunity to share your language skills and receive great benefits!
Enthusiastic, open-minded, and patience tutors are welcome!

Basic qualifications

English is your primary language
College Degree OR College Enrollment Verification (Required)


Computer or Tablet PC
High-speed internet Access


Minimum hourly wage:
General tutors start from $16
Tutor holding English teaching certificate starts at $18

Additional incentives are added if you:
* Hold a professional teaching qualification such as TESOL, TEFLE, and TESL
* Have experience teaching English as an U&I Language tutor
* Are selected by students to be their designated teacher (nomination incentive)

Experienced, dedicated, and passionate tutors can earn up to $30 per hour!
Even with no-experienced tutors can earn up to $24 per hour easily!

Lesson Classification Information

  • Test Lesson
    (Trial Lesson)
    12 min
  • S Lesson
    (Short Lesson)
    20 min
  • P Lesson
    (Power Lesson)
    45 min
  • SP Lesson
    (Special Request Lesson)
    45 min
  • What is a “Test Lesson”?

    This is a trial lesson where students can experience your lesson before they start a regular lesson. The lesson is short, however, it's a great opportunity to appeal to your students and receive a nomination for the next lesson. Don't miss this valuable opportunity to effectively promote yourself.

  • What is a “S/P Lesson”?

    This is a general lesson where the tutor teaches prepared teaching materials.

  • What is a “SP Lesson”?

    This lesson is scheduled by a student’s special request. The tutor uses textbook(s) pre-arranged with the student. For example,

    Curriculum-based lesson for international students (i.e. Science, Math)

    Intensive English lesson (Advanced writing and reading)

    Test-prep lesson for TOEIC or TOEFL

    In-depth lesson in various fields such as writing and proofreading college essay, personal statement, and resume


Tutor Classification

1. General tutor : Tutors without qualifications and previous U&I teaching experience

2. Certified tutor : Tutors with TESOL/TEFL/TESL certification

Hourly wage

1. General tutor : $16 per hour

2. Certified tutor : $18 (starting wage) and more per hour

(*Depending on the number of lessons and our evaluation, the hourly wage can be up to $21.)

Salary by Type of Lesson

Test Lesson S Lesson P Lesson SP Lesson
General tutor $5 $7 $12 $17
Certified tutor $5 $7 $13.5 $18.5


※Nomination Incentive

If a student appoints a tutor, an incentive in addition to the basic pay given to the tutor.
•S Lesson + $1 per lesson
•P Lesson + $2 per lesson
SP Lesson already includes tutor nomination fee.

※Family Lesson Incentive

Incentives are given if the student’s family or friend joins the lesson. However, up to two people(Including the student himself) can join at the same time.
•S Lesson + $2 per lesson
•P Lesson + $4 per lesson

◎ Incentives can be stacked in duplicate.

For example :
$7(S Lesson ) + $1(Nomination) + $2(Family lesson) = $10 (Sums up to $30 per hour)
$13.5(P Lesson ) + $2(Nomination) + $4(Family lesson) = $19.5 (Sums up to $26 per hour)

*Please understand that the following next step information email will be sent only to successful applicants.