Elham B

Master speaking English 💎


Elham B
Master speaking English 💎

English American English

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Current city and country of residence : Texas

This is Elham, a multilingual, certified ESL teacher from Austin. Texas with +7 years of teaching many international students at a variety of levels from beginner to upper intermediate. I am here to help with your speaking, listening, reading, comprehension, and anything else that you need to enhance in English.
All classes are held in a Friendly, fun, and engaging environment.

In addition, I'm a CPTSD Informed Recovery Coach which means I help people to heal from complex PTSD and be the best version of themselves to enjoy their life. I'm a Salsa and Bachata dancer also photography and editing photos are my hobbies.

Click the links below to watch some ESL videos I made in the past:

What you can learn in my class:
🏵️speaking ( read from a short story and discuss it or talk over 100 interesting topics that I will provide for you)
🏵️Daily conversation ( I offer you practical, fun, and interesting conversation role plays)
🏵️Customized Lessons based on your need (Adults and Children)