Conversation/ Free talking class, Business English


Conversation/ Free talking class, Business English

English American English

Available language : Korean Language Beginner(初級)

Current city and country of residence : Goyang-si, South Korea

I love free talking. I also love talking about traveling and world history.
I am also good at teaching present, future, and past tense in English.
I consider myself a fun, very talkative teacher who doesn't have a traditional teaching style.
Let's have fun in class! I hope to see you soon!

I've been a teacher for almost 7 years. My Bachelor's Degree is in Education with a minor in online education. For 4 years I worked with adults who were government officials and I helped them with their English skills. For the last 2 years, I've worked with kids from China and South Korea. The kid's ages ranged from 3-15 years. Elementary school all the way to High school.
I have seriously loved working with kids because they are so fun and excited about learning English.