English American English

Available language : Japanese Language Beginner(初級)

Current city and country of residence : Puerto Rico

Hello, Greetings! My name is Argenys, I speak two languages: Native English and Spanish and am currently learning Japanese as my third. In 2018, I graduated from a Bachelor's in Science of Art and Design of Videogames. I'm very passionate about graphic arts, technology and the digital world. I love to learn new things and how things work, the science of making things from the ground-up. For a brief time I gave tutoring to a few students and I learned in that experience the enjoyment that comes from interacting and helping them to grasp complex concepts by breaking it down to them so they may come to have a basic understanding and with that, the initiative and motivation to keep learning for themselves on the long-run. My hobbies include music and creative media such as digital painting: learning how to convey illustrations using digital software and editing skills; I also like movies, especially sci-fi, and animation.

I love and enjoy listening to people and their stories, coming to know different backgrounds and points of view. I believe healthy interaction enriches one's life and more-so in the language learning field. In our class sessions, we focus not so much on textbook teachings but instead on interactive conversation. Materials that generate questions and topics of interest are of more value, and in fact, essential in one becoming truly immersed in a language; that is why I want to encourage free conversation and active feedback.

As your instructor I look forward to empower and motivate you in whichever direction you choose with your English. See you in class!