let's make it happen!


let's make it happen!

English American English

Available language : Japanese Language Advanced(上級)

Current city and country of residence : Nagoya, Japan

Hi! My name is Cara and I'm from the US. I was born and raised in San Diego, California.
I live in Nagoya, Japan.
Right now I am visiting my family and staying in San Diego and Los Angeles, California!!

My hobbies are going to the beach, shopping and traveling.
I enjoy teaching English very much using a style that is fun, easy-to-understand, and exciting for students!
With my international business background and career background in Real Estate, I can teach business English for overseas use. I also can teach university students, high school students, and so on!
I also have a Teaching English to Young Learners certificate, so I can teach children as well!
I use Powerpoints, worksheets, games, songs, and whatever the student requests.
Let's learn English in a fun, exciting way, based on your level and preference!
My main goal is to meet YOUR goals, so I can customize lessons based on your needs!
Have a nice day! :)

For almost 4 years, I have taught at several high-tier English schools in the US and Japan.
Employees from top companies such as Toyota, DENSO, Ajinomoto and so on were my students.
I helped university and high school students fulfill their dreams of studying abroad.
Junior high school students, elementary school and pre-school students also enjoyed my kid friendly lessons!
I also have experience with Eiken, TOEIC, and TOEFL.