Small wins equals BIG achievements.


Small wins equals BIG achievements.

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Current city and country of residence : Nara, Japan

Hello, my name is Chi. I’m a native teacher here at U&I Language. I’m originally from California, USA. I’ve been in Japan for over 10 years. Initially, I came and lived in Osaka. But I
currently reside in beautiful Nara with my family and (I’m) loving every minute of it.
自己紹介 こんにちは、私の名前はチーです。U&I Languageのネイティブ講師です。アメリカの カリフォルニア州出身で、日本には10年以上住んでいます。以前は大阪に住んでいましたが、

My lessons range from test preparations to general conversations to business English lessons. I’m confident that I can customize lessons to meet the needs of the students. My lessons are relaxed and enjoyable, but I motivate students to set and achieve their goals.

- Employed as a designer for over 7 years at a design and print company
- Employed at established English schools such as the YMCA, AEON business division, and Toraiz English
- Teach private English lessons ranging from Eiken preparation to business English courses