Annette Walker

Don't worry, take your time!


Annette Walker
Don't worry, take your time!

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Current city and country of residence : Hamburg, Germany

Hello Everyone,
My name is Annette Walker. I am a teacher of English and Spanish from Jamaica. I taught in the high schools in Jamaica for several years before moving to Europe and later, the US where I taught Conversational English, Grammar, Business English as well as Spanish. I speak fluent Spanish and German as well as a little Italian and French.
I enjoy teaching both children and adults. My students really enjoy my lessons as I try to make them as creative, entertaining and informative as I possibly can. I use a lot of drama and role play in the lessons and encourage a lot of pair and group work to facilitate their learning process. My best qualities are patience, and engaging student participation.
I am looking forward to teaching you and hope that I will meet your expectations.

Teaching Diploma - Shortwoo Teachers College, Jamaica (3 yrs)
Public Relations & Journalism Diploma - University of the Wet Indies (2 yrs)
BA in English - Charter University (4 yrs)
TESOL Diploma - Teflen Training College (1 yr)