Matthew B

I like language learners of all levels, and they like me too!


Matthew B
I like language learners of all levels, and they like me too!

English American English

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Current city and country of residence : Brooklyn, New York, USA

Hello out there! I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York City. I've tutored for a wide variety of subjects, ages, and nationalities. My area of expertise is teaching English to people who want to improve their conversation, reading, and writing.

I like to think deeply about what someone's abilities are in English, and create fun and exciting activities to help someone further improve their English. There are lots of games and challenges we can do together.

Everybody wants to communicate in a new language just as well as their native language. The best way to get better at that is through conversation, and I will help you communicate by asking questions you understand.

I have a lot of empathy and understanding for English learners. I am very aware of other people's cultures and feelings when teaching my language. I also learn Spanish as a hobby, which gives me perspective into the world of language.

With me as your tutor, you will never be bored, and you will always learn a lot!

- As a volunteer with New York Cares, I have helped native English speakers who couldn't read become literate, and I helped Latino immigrants pass the the USA Citizenship exam. This is why I love teaching through video conference!

- I helped elementary students with their English vocabulary and pronunciation at after school center in a Chinese neighborhood in Brooklyn. I also helped them with math and science (I'm pretty good at those, too).

- I completed a 120-hour TESOL/TESL/TEFL Certification from Zoni Language Centers NYC. I studied language teaching theory in Manhattan, and co-taught English learners in Brooklyn. I made many good friends there.

- I taught graphic design to junior high school students in a club in a private school. We made many fun posters and flyers together in Canva. I like to use my graphic design skills when making worksheets.

- I am currently tutoring an elementary student near my home with English Language Arts and with Math. We do a variety of activities together. I take care of the appointments and scheduling by myself.

- Through the volunteer-based We Speak NYC, I taught a class of immigrants about valuable resources for people who live in my city. The students practiced their English through various games and conversations. I love teaching a big class.

- I have previously done online transcription work, creating closed captions for videos. You can trust me when it comes to writing in English, and listening to what you are saying!