Let’s have fun and relaxed lessons together!


Let’s have fun and relaxed lessons together!

English American English

Available language : Japanese Language Beginner(初級)

Current city and country of residence : Philippines


My name is Jenika, but you can also call me Nika. I’m from the Philippines. I have a varied experience in teaching English learners in Japan for several years. I have been teaching English to kids and adults. I am friendly, energetic, and positive. My lessons are fun and relaxed!
I’m interested in many different topics and would be happy to help you with your learning goals!

I enjoy watching movies and Korean dramas, cooking, eating, and studying Japanese. Lastly, I love teaching and meeting different people.

I can’t wait to meet you soon! See yah!

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communication and been happily teaching English learners for several years now. I am also a TESOL certified. I lived and worked in Japan from 2016-2020 as an English instructor and taught in different preschools, elementary schools, and eikaiwas in the Kanto area.